Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Score One for Constipation

Blah blah blah.

So, I didn't have morning sickness. Or, not really anyway. I threw up once ... but my toothbrush was in my mouth and I've been prone to gag during a good teeth brushing anyway.
I still have pretty good skin.
My gums haven't bled at all.
I haven't started having leg cramps.
But, let me tell you ... I've had it bad with the constipation the past couple of days.

Jeez! I don't know if the baby (fondly named Liam by the way) is somehow laying on my colon, or if he's already made himself at home fondling with my intestines, or what. But, I feel very ... full ... at the moment.

So far, this is the end of day three with barely a "pooplet" (not my word) in sight. I've been eating "roughage," I've been drinking lots of water, and I even went and picked up some benefiber and fiber bars today. Now, I'm just plagued with gas. Lovely.

So yeah, I might have gotten out of my first trimester unharmed ... but this second one is starting to get kind of clogged up here.

Any remedies?


Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

I know prenatals can give you constipation. Have you started taking a new one? Or maybe them reacting to you being prego are changing the way they affect you?

Try switching the ones you're taking and see if maybe this is part of the problem.

Lillian's Mom said...

I had the same problem! It's the prenatal vitamins. I think they eventually gave me some with laxative in them, hehe.

Anonymous said...

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