Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interview Me

So, I've posted in the past that my life mirrors Jen Lancaster (author of Bitter is the New Black & Such a Pretty Fat ... read them ... NOW), but when I envisioned my job hunt ... it didn't exactly include being interviewed by an eighteen year old manager of a tanning salon after 5 1/2 years of getting a degree.

I wasn't able to find a job with a school this year. I've been told a number of things ... the main one being that it's "just so hard to find a job in education right now ... people aren't leaving etc." However, I felt that I did everything right when it came to my education classes.
  • 4.0 in Educational classes
  • 3.1 in English classes
  • Rave reviews from university supervisors and mentor teachers
  • Networking with the principals and department heads
  • On time every day for classes ... staying late to grade work and help students
And so on and so forth. And yet, even the schools that I student taught at didn't hire me.

I'm sick of sitting at the house all day with nothing to do. At first, it seems like a fun gig, sleeping late and what have you. But, with four animals it starts wearing on a person's nerves. I've got Link that needs to be in my lap at all times. Nakomis that whimpers every three seconds because no one is paying attention to her. Petal that uses her claws as leverage when trying to climb my leg. And Emily, who will get pissed off at me for some reason and go and lay a stinker in the litter box as if she KNOWS that I can't clean it up and instead have to sit and smell it for hours until Aaron gets home/up to clean up the problem.

Yesterday, at the used book store, I mentioned my unemployment status and the guy there asked me to bring in a resume. I get all excited ... run home and get one together ... bring it in ... and just get an "OK, Thanks." ARGH!!!!

Which brings us to tomorrow at 2 pm. I have an interview tomorrow with the tanning conglomerate "EZ Tan." The girl that will be interviewing me is eighteen years old. I can't re-iterate enough that when I started college ... I never would have envisioned graduating and then getting a low paying job that high schoolers are also qualified for.

So, I guess ... wish me luck. I doubt that I'll get the job ... it's like the other jobs that I interviewed for in the recent past ... I'm probably over qualified, over-aged, and over pregnant. I can't tan and can't lift things over 25 lbs ... but maybe I can wow them with my college degree and determination??


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