Saturday, August 29, 2009

I hate you ... you stupid typers ... you

There is this new phenomenon that is LOL Cats. Or, maybe it's not actually new? Yeah, it's probably not that new ... I think it's been around for a while. Anyway, I digress.

I flipping LOVE LOL Cats. LOVE it. Aaron and I can sit at the house all day long laughing our asses off at the new "cat of the day." Seriously. Cats are the superior animal ... and I can say this ... I have both cats and dogs!

Well, now they have this one website "I can has cheezburger" that has placed all of the LOL cats, Dogs, Celebrities (which is a new one and one that I must check out after writing this post) all in one website. Awesome.

Except ... for the comment section.

It's cute when the cat says something in "cat voice" as I refer to it ... something along the lines of: "Iz not addicted to caffeine, Iz just need it to function" and a picture of a cat drinking out of a mug. Get it?

But then you look at the comments ... and EVERY ONE is speaking in "LOL talk." Seriously? I think that we have enough problems in our school systems today dealing with students trying to write paper in "text" form ... and now you are going to make a whole NEW language? Oh NO! NO NO NO!

I hate this new type so much, it makes me want to stop looking at LOL Cats on principal. But, as Aaron says ... "That's the Internet." -Shrug-

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