Monday, December 15, 2008

I Hate You V.S.

This weekend was the weekend of all weekends for my friend A.D. She is graduating (finally) in December like I will graduate (finally) in May.

We got massages done and went to the cheesecake factory. We got some drinks and had a nice time at home after wards.

But in the middle of that, there was shopping.

We went to the Galleria, which I do not recommend on any day in December. I wanted to go to this new place to get new bras because they alter them for free and they size you correctly. I am astounded by my bra size, 34 H (U.K.) ... 34 K (U.S.). Yeah.

Anyway, I got two new bras that I absolutely love. They make me look so much thinner and make my boobs look AWESOME! So then we go to V.S. (Victoria Effing Secret)

Victoria Secret has been claiming that my boobs have been a size 38 DD for years now. Mainly so that I will some how find a bra that kind of fits me I'm assuming. They never fit correctly. I explain to them that they are too tight here, baggy there, etc. And they simply tell me that that is just the way it is. So, after getting "Holistically" sized at "Intimacy," I suddenly have a hatred for this place called V.S. because it's possible that their incorrect sizing has led to my boob problems to begin with.

But that's not all. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

Those "Angels" that model all of their outfits have huge fake boobs. And yet ... V.S. doesn't make sizes for people with big boobs. And then their workers walk around with an entitled look when you ask for something in an extra large before smirking and replying "No, we don't carry extra large. We only have extra small to large."

I don't need the "extra large" for anything else except to pour my boobs into. The dress/nightgown fit perfectly everywhere else except in the boobs. So how are you going to be a "boob store" that sells sexy lingerie that girls with perfectly skinny bodies and HUGE boobs model ... when in your stores you do not carry sizes that girls with perfectly not so skinny bodies and HUGE boobs can fit said boobs into?

Furthermore, if you have extra SMALL ... how are you going to discriminate the needs of the extra LARGE?

So, Screw you V.S.
Kiss my Huge 34 K'


Christin said...

haha, loved this post!

well, i probably have 15 bras and only rotate 3 of them on a regular basis... whats up with that - they never fit how you'd like!

im so glad we're back to this blogging thing... well, at least im back - i was on hiatus for a while (still no internet at the house and a job change did me in)... so here i am!

hope you're having a great holiday season! im so impressed that you and aaron got your tree up right after thanksgiving.. i mean that is stinkin' remarkable!! even if the lights are chewed, im sure it looks beautiful!! :) probably a lot better than mine... its all of 5 inches... yes INCHES tall. i need to take a picture to show!

well, and my christmas shopping isnt started either (i have one gift thats it)... so im just way impressed with you girl! hope things are well. missed you much... and we'll be keeping in touch! xoxo--

Clare said...

34 K is awesome! I'm glad you found a good store that doesn't just sell stuff for disproportionate plastic anorexic airbrushed freakishly tall people.

Christin said...

Thanks for your comment. Things have been awfully strange but its what makes what life is... God has been good this year despite how the year has come to a close. I hope you and Aaron are doing well and that you both had a great day today. Hugs for you along with warm wishes and a very Merry Christmas!