Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kill Me Now

As the semester rears its ugly head to a close, I once again wish myself a quick death. I know ... I know ... "But Rachel, you only have a little bit left!" Which is true, but it does not make things easier.

There should be a pill that I can take that will make me WANT to do the things that I need to do for school. Instead, I sit online looking at other people's blogs and checking my myspace every two minutes.

I'm on serious burn-out mode, and it just got worse. I found out that I will now have to take both summers again. Two in Summer 1 and One in Summer two (or vice versa ... depending on how I feel). I was so looking forward to being able to take that little break during Summer 2 ... go on vacation with Aaron ... spend time with family and friends ... etc. But now, I will be once again be spending every single day driving back and forth to Huntsville.

If my university was just up the road it would not be a problem! I might even be happy to go because it's not like I don't like all of the classes that I am in or am going to be taking. I think that this is why I'm glad that Methods is coming up so soon. If things go as planned (which they usually don't but I feel that I need to keep an open mind) then I will be taking my Methods in Willis which is only 20 minutes away. I will also only being going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays again (the most ideal school schedule imaginable) which will leave me open for much needed rest and substitution. It's just getting to August 08 that is going to be the long haul.

Who knows, maybe summer school won't be so bad since I will barely have enough time to get tired of it. We can only hope ... and pray ... and possible sacrifice a virgin so that I may keep my sanity.

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Christin said...

man, i feel ya! i just got back from vacation and i'm already in burn out mode from work... its just so hard right now to be motivated for some reason.

but you are so close... hooray! i loved your cali pics with your friend that you met there - looks like you two instantly clicked and had so much fun - what a great trip!

hope to post a little more... i've been slacking too - lets hope we get some motivation for the rest of the week bc today was omg... just a typical monday (bleh!)