Thursday, February 25, 2010

I saw this on another blog and didn't have anything original to write about

As my dear blogging friend Jules posted ... Itunes has had 10 BILLION songs downloaded. 10 BILLION! I can't decide if that's a lot .. or a little given the population of people that actually use Itunes.

Either way, they've posted the top twenty songs, and like Jules ... I'm quite surprised. They are all new songs. I figured there'd be a few classics somewhere. I mean, not even Michael Jackson made the list after his surprise demise earlier this past summer.

So Jules talks about how she's only downloaded seven of the 20 ... so I thought I'd see how many I have downloaded. 15 of the 20. And here I was thinking that I had original taste in music.

My list:

2. Pokerface - Roadtrip to Austin
3. Boom Boom Pow - Roadtrip to Austin
4. I'm Yours - Just for me
5. Viva La Vida - Just for me
6. Just Dance - Roadtrip to Austin
7. Low - Workout
8. Love Story - The Taylor Swift CD
9. Bleeding Love - Just for me
10. Tik Tok - Ke$ha CD
11. Disturbia - Workout
12. So What - Roadtrip to Austin
13. I Kissed a Girl - Just for me
16. Stronger - Roadtrip to Austin
18. Hey There Delilah - Just for me
19. Right Round - Roadtrip to Austin

After further inspection, I guess the reason that I've downloaded so many of them is because I was trying to download the top songs of the time for our roadtrip to Austin. So yeah ... I'm a little mainstream ... but not THAT bad.


Jules said...

Good thing I finally blogged for the year - HA!

No shame in the trendy songs! Sometimes you just wanna dance and not be all deep! I would've had more if I hadn't been trying so hard to save my dollas the past couple years! :)

Good point on MJ... Shocked he didn't make the list!

QueenBebop said...

hi i just got back from AUSTIN TEXAS and i loved it,it was really hot but it was a nice trip. I have a son that live there.
god bless and always smile