Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Will NOT Be Walked All Over!

As I've mentioned before ... I'm sick of older people thinking that just because of my age they can walk all over me. Or any one else my age for that matter.

I went to get gas today and found a great one! The gas everywhere else was 3.99 but this one was 3.85! I was like "Sweet Sweet!" Well of course there was a lot of people there so I pulled in behind an SUV that was getting gas behind another SUV. The one that was in front eventually pulled out and I was going to pull in to their spot but another SUV pulled in facing the SUV that I was behind.

No biggie right? Well, the SUV that I was behind finally pulled out so I went to pull into the spot behind her and start getting gas. Unfortunately, the older lady in the other SUV pulled ALL THE WAY UP into BOTH spots to get gas.

OK, well she wouldn't have done that if I were a man. She wouldn't have done that if I were an older woman like her. She would have somehow made it work so that both of us could get gas. But she didn't ... she was a bitch.

I got out of my car and was like "Maam, I need to get gas too!" She was like "Well, I've been here longer." I was like "Well, you need to move your car back a little ... there are TWO pumps and we both need to get gas." She was like "It won't REACH." So I was like "Well, then you either need to learn how to drive that huge gas guzzler of yours, or you need to get a smaller car so that you can fit into tight spots and not have to get gas as much." And then I got back in my car.

Well, as I get into my car, she starts running her mouth. I got BACK out of my car and said "WHAT did you say!? What did you say!?!?" Well, she just turned her back to me and so I was like "That's what I thought ... TURN around." And then I got back in my car.

The people that were on the opposite side of the pump finally pulled out and so I moved around and got gas on that side. The entire time that I was out of my car, she had nothing to say to me. It wasn't until she was leaving that she rolled down her window and yelled "You better hope your MOMMA doesn't know that you are out this late ... Wouldn't want you to go off and get PREGNANT." (It was 7:30 btw.)


But no ... she just drove away.

I was LIVID!

I think that my cheeks are STILL flushed and that was an hour ago!!!! But I'm just so freaking tired of people thinking that they can walk all over other people! SERIOUSLY. I don't think that! I'm courteous when I drive, I'm courteous when I'm in stores. I'm always courteous! I don't see why people just think that they can be selfish and rude and a bitch. I'm tired of all that crap! I'm not taking it anymore!! I AM NOT A DOOR MAT!

In other news:

My grandpa is having an arterial-gram tomorrow, so please pray that he won't need surgery.


Christin said...

heck yes! i would be livid too...i can't believe that went down at the gas station. and i know exactly what you're talking about when they take up two spots too - its like, learn how to drive and like you said, BE COURTEOUS!

maybe we're just too courteous and need to be less courteous... but then that wouldn't be being ourselves! lets hope there's no more of those type of ladies around bc i gotta fill up today!

ps. the cheapest i've seen lately is $3.86 - bleh!

Chris said...

Sorry for your bad experience at the pump. I suspect that things are going to get worse before they get better at the gas stations.

I hope and pray your Grandfather will be OK.

Christin said...

hey missy, where you been? i need to check back onto xanga!