Friday, January 4, 2008

She's gone off her rocker

As I'm sure that all of you know (due to the fact that this is the top news story) B. Spears was taken away by ambulance last night after a dispute over custody.

Apparently, B. Spears "just wanted the kids to spend the night" but since it was K. Fed's turn with the children he sent out some body guards to get the kids back. This is when B. Spears locked her self in the bathroom with the two children and refused to let the body guards in to take them.

Police were called ... of course! And the fight ensues. They had to have certain papers for the cops to be able to enter the house and take the children and once they found B. Spears, they realized that she was on some SERIOUS something. Drugs, Alcohol, over dose on her perfume? A combination of all three?

Then of course there are the videos ... a giggling hysterical Spears leaving her home in the same straps that they would have to use to hold a crazy person down with.

She's off her rocker for sure. For SURE FOR SURE. But who's fault is it? Well, of course it's the media. I mean, I'm sure that there are plenty of other people every day that are this freaking crazy that don't get on CNN or blasted all over the gossip news. Plus, I'm sure she really loves it!

There is probably an ongoing bet between L.L, P.H., and B.S. as to who can get the most head lines. Britney has always been up for the challenge! So it's official, we'll never see another up rising of the pop star ... except perhaps when she succeeds in killing herself.

(Some are claiming that is what she tried to do last night) But I seriously think that it's only then that everyone will rest. And that's really sad ... she was the most popular star EVER only a few years ago. Sad. Really Sad. Poor Brit Brit


Amanda Leigh said...

What I find to be the strangest & saddest part of this whole thing, is that she would have been allowed to spend time w/ her sons (w/out holding them hostage), if she had just followed her list of court appointed rules. If she would do as she was told, she wouldn't have had to lock herself and the boys in a bathroom. She locked the court appointed moniter out of the house too. I can't understand it b/c up till this point it seemed like she didn't even care seeing about the kids.

I don't think it can all be blamed on the media though. The media is not putting the pills or booze or whatever into her hands. Sure, they do make it worse by constantly filming her but it seems like she is intentionally putting herself out there just for the attention. I don't think it'll be long before she kills herself and that will be a sad day b/c you know I've always loved me some Britney!

Amanda Leigh said...

ooh.. I just had this thought. Britney staged this whole thing b/c she is jealous of all the attention Jamie Lynn had been getting. Now the focus is back on her, just like she wants it.

How do you spell crazy? B R I T N E Y

Aggie said...

This celebrity thing seems "mad as" to us over here. We don't give a stuff about the way they lead their lives, so it doesn't get fed to a media frenzy like over your way.
Poor thing and poor children ... too sad!
That the parents are prepared to use children as weapons in a war between the two of them ... plain nasty stuff I think.

barb michelen said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

Chris said...

It should be ok now. Dr. Phil is on the case.

Christin said...

she lost custody... that girl is a fool. who wants to go through 18 months of dang pregnancy to just give up so easily?! terrible. and sad... for the kids.

was soo happy to meet you finally! i can't wait till jules or you posts our picture - i will have to write a post on it! you have such a shining personality - and you and aaron couldn't be more perfect. loved our lunch date!

have a great day!

Jules said...

We had do much fun last week hanging out with you and your man! I'm glad we all got together. When can we see pictures of your new puppy? :-)