Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bit with the Home Work Bug

I'm not sure what got into me this weekend but I got a whole bunch of stuff accomplished!

Proud! :)

I had been putting off my geography work; who knows why exactly. But not any more! Now, the only thing that I have left is the Final!!

I've been doing my C.S. work online just week by week like we are supposed too. But, I finished all of the weekly work that I had left and submitted it. Then I emailed her to get her to open up the rest of the tests; hopefully she will do that on Monday. And then I will need to get the tutorials done so that I can do the extra credit work. Fun times!

I also read the story that I needed to read for Tuesday for my American Literature class. Seriously, I'm on the freaking ball!

I have a lot of stuff to do for the next few weekends, so it really feels good to get a lot of this stuff done. Now, I will be able to just enjoy myself these next couple of weekends and not have to worry about getting all of this homework done.

I think that I am also going to work on my power point tonight. Once that is finished, then I won't have any more to work on for the rest of the week really.

I am also starting my new work out regime tomorrow. It's a 12 week program. Aaron is going to be my "trainer." I made him a deal ... if I lose 40 lbs then I get to get a tattoo. This is what I'm wanting ... except on my side:
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Awesome hm?!


Mrs. Amanda Doiron said...

YAY! for you!
You know I’m ALWAYS getting onto you for not getting your shit done.


*WHEN* you get your tattoo I totally want to be there!
Got it sister?

Anonymous said...

Good for you. When you are on a roll, you are on a roll.
Hmm, love the tat!

Christin said...

oh that is so rad girl, i love it!

And good luck with the program you're about to start- i'm here in any way to encourage you with that... sometimes i think i should've been a nutrionist or trainer type - but heck, i got art instead!

liking the updates girl, keep 'em coming!

Christin said...

you should check THIS out

Clare said...

Yay for working out and getting tattoos! It does help having a reward at the end, doesn't it?

I'm super-jealous that you're getting all of your homework done. I have so much to do and no time to do it! Lily is taking a nap, so here is my chance to study a little... Here I go!